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Quranic Grammar Work Book



To understand the glorious Qur’an, learning its language is the first step. The Madarsas spread through the length and breadth of the country may serve the purpose, but only a microscopic minority of the Muslim community in the sub-continent avail the opportunity. The reasons are quite clear and understandable. In the present age of scientific and technological advancement parents put great stress on their children to excel in the modern education so that they might sustain themselves in the race. They are induced by an inherent fear that simultaneous religious education may put an extra burden on their children and eventually mar their future prospects.

But every Muslim man & woman even if he or she happens to be a non-arab the Arabic language remains a part & parcel of their life. Their daily prayers invariably bring them closer to it , it is indeed unfortunate that a large majority of Muslim hardly makes any efforts to understand the divine message in its original language. Morever, the contemporary system of the education in many countries of the world cleverly exclude the scientific study of the Qur’an and provide an environment to spread mist of misinformation through print & electronic media. This results not only in intellectual enslavement but create chaotic condition in individual & community life. For a progressive prosperous & purposeful social life, understanding the word of God is indispensable. Hence this workbook for self-study.

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