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  • Just as we are keen to know about future we are also as much interested in having a peep into the past. Archaeological surveys carried out all over the globe are interesting studies of the ancient times, revealing to us their civilization, culture, the incidents as well as the accidents which occurred then. We organize digs to discover old civilizations and thereby obtain numerous types of facts which, on analysis, may be characterized as information of vast dimensions but are otherwise scarcely of any concrete benefit to the modern humanity. Through the digs we also come to know about the city layouts of the ancients, their homes, play fields, utensils, jewelry, bathrooms and even about their sewerage systems. These excavations doubtlessly are instrumental in expanding our horizon about the old civilizations, but on comparing them with our electronic age, we find ourselves superior to them in almost all spheres of life such as architecture, horticulture, commerce, communication, transport, bedrooms, stadiums, theaters etc. All the information from the archeological surveys in no way assists us in improving any of our system.
  • In my opinion, it will prove more useful, instructive and enlightening than all the information hitherto gained by us, if we go in for discovering the basic causes that led to the destruction of these obliterated civilizations. We could organize a viable venture in order to uncover the root causes. Then this probe will assist us not only in ensuring protection to our civilization from any potential disaster but also lead us in exploring a way of life both immune and tranquil. In that case our quest will essentially center, I feel, on the following three points: -

    1) Did they themselves devastate their own culture? Or did some other civilization wreck it?
    2) Did these civilizations perish due to only geological or natural factors?
    3) Is the ruining of civilizations a law of Nature? what did invoke the Maker of this law ?
  • The world has been witness to the rise and fall as well as the wars and ruins among the nations causing rise and fall of each other. The history of both the victor and the vanquished and their existence in any status is acknowledged in the world. Till this day, history has failed to record incident of an entire civilization, either of the conqueror or the conquered nation, having been sent under ground or under water all in one full-sweep. True to its style, Nature has also given chance to the conquered nations, at some point of time, to reach their pinnacle yet once again. Earth or sea has not swallowed even Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after getting the most brutal treatment in history. Nevertheless, it has come to our knowledge from the archeological sources that some sudden calamity reduced these cultured civilizations to just fairy tales. The view that mutual rivalry between the nations could have caused it has not been backed by any proof.

  • As regards the second possibility that they themselves could have destroyed their civilization, it can be plainly seen that at the height of their glory, no civilization would opt for a mass suicide. Now that our review of the first two aspects has brought out only a negative, it is obvious that we should concentrate on the last one with all the energy, science and technology at our disposal. This article carries indication to chanelise our investigations just on this third aspect.

  • Just as people in the present times are full of curiosity to know about the past, the people in the past, likewise, also might have been so. The buried civilizations might have also contained in them the information about those civilizations which preceded them and after achieving their zenith went asunder. Alas! The findings arrived at by them are not in our possession as they too perished along with them.


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