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  • First I thank God, The Lone Creator of all that exists, and secondly, thanks to the nation called the US and her citizens for their hospitality in my visit to their nation on the invitation of United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, International Visitor Program, Religious School in the US, A Single Country Project for India, from March 29 to April 19, 2003 arranged by Meridian International Center. I visited various esteemed institutions of knowledge and got the opportunity to study the system of education in the US. This also provided me the opportunity to meet scholarly persons and exchanged the views.
  • The Constitution of the US has a remarkable thing with its other appreciable features. And that is, in my view, keeping fair distance between Religion and State. I feel it is the backbone of all sorts of developments the US has achieved so far. Due to recent incidents, this historical achievement should not be altered. It is the need of the hour for all the nations, and the US should be a model for them to follow. I would like express my thoughts here in the backdrop of this visit.
  • Throughout the world, the Muslims or the Non-Muslims misunderstand that Islam is a religion of 7th century AD. This is explicitly denied in the Last Testament, The Qur’an. It says in chapter 42 verse 13:-

    “In matters of faith, HE has ordained for you (O Muslims) that which HE had enjoined upon Noah and into which WE gave you (O Muhammad) insight through revelation, as well as that which WE had enjoined upon Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus: steadfastly uphold the True Faith, and do not break up your unity therein and....”

(From Holy Qur'an 42/13)
  • Please further refer 3/19 “Behold, the only true religion in the sight of ALLAH is man’s self-surrender unto HIM; (Islam); and those who were vouchsafed revelation aforetime took, out of mutual jealousy, to divergent views on this point only after knowledge thereof had come unto them. But as for him who denies the truth of ALLAH’s messages - behold, ALLAH is swift in reckoning!”
(From Holy Qur'an 3/19)
  • Another reference is from 2/213: “All mankind were once one single community; then they began to differ - whereupon ALLAH raised up the prophets as heralds of glad tidings and as warners, and through them bestowed revelation from on high, setting forth the truth, so that it might decide between people with regard to all on which they had come to hold divergent views. Yet none other than the self-same people who had been granted such revelations began, out of mutual jealousy, to disagree about its meaning after all evidence of the truth had come unto them. But ALLAH guided the believers by HIS leave unto the truth about which they had disagreed: for ALLAH guides onto a straight way him that wills to be guided.” The references provided here should be checked in original Arabic text. If it is not possible to understand it in its original, at least 3 translations should be referred to.
(From Holy Qur'an 2/213)

  • It is commonly assumed by the Muslims as well as the non-Muslims that Muhammad was a Prophet who established a new religion. This is totally in contrast to what The Last Testament, the Qur’an, asserts in 46/9. "You say O Muhammad, I am not the first of God's Messengers and......" Before Muhammad, every prophet and the scriptures revealed to them, at any time of the human history, contained the same messages which have been finalized in The Last Testament revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Going by the commonly assumed philosophy, can any one say that the earlier prophets were non-Muslims?

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